Ceramic Coating on Exotic Vehicles

Purchasing a higher priced, exotic vehicle is an investment. Being such an investment, it is wise to protect your investment. The best way to protect your exotic car, truck, or SUV is with a Feynlab Ceramic Coating. Unlike a wax, a ceramic coating doesn’t wear off. A ceramic coating adheres to the paint’s surface just like another layer of clear coat. But unlike regular clear coat, a ceramic coating resists dirt, scratches, fading, water, and more. In fact, the Feynlab Ceramic Coating is self-healing, protecting your exotic vehicle from scratches! 

Self Healing Ceramic Coating Installer in Mooresville, NC

We are the official North Carolina installer of Feynlab Ceramic Coatings. These coatings will prevent scratches to your vehicle as well as give it a shine well beyond any wax. Speaking of wax, with a ceramic coating you will never need to wax your vehicle. You will also need to wash your vehicle way less. This self-healing ceramic coating system will protect your vehicle from the accidental and sometimes unavoidable scratches.

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Superb Jeep Waxing Detail Service in Denver, NC

Getting That Shine on Utility Vehicles Getting (and keeping) that NVUS shine on off road and other utility vehicles can be tough. These types of vehicles tend to be used and abused more than your standard passenger cars, and even trucks on some occasions. This reason...

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Camper Detailing in Denver, NC

This 5 year old camper looks brand new after our full detail inside and out! The camping season is here and the owner of this camper wanted a complete cleaning to start the season out right so they trusted the professionals of NVUS Detailing. We gave this camper our...

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Ceramic Coating on Classic Car

This 1949 MG TC has a renewed life with the unpenetrable protection that the System X Ceramic Coating System offers! This ceramic coating system is great for classic cars because it is a semi-permanent gloss that actually becomes the functional surface of the...

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Jet Ski Gelcoat Service in Mooresville, NC

Unlike a car, which is paint on metal, a boat or jet ski is fiberglass with dyed gelcoat, giving your personal watercraft its color. Baking in the hot summer sun can really damage the gelcoat of your jet ski or personal watercraft and cause oxidation, fading the color...

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Paint Correction on Truck in Denver, NC

Are you tired of looking at the scratches, fading, or discoloration of the paint on your car, truck, or SUV? If your answer is yes then you need our NVUS Paint Correction service. This service utilizes wet sanding of panels, full buffing and polishing, and removal of...

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LED RGB Headlight Installation in Denver, NC

Here at NVUS Detailing we specialize in ceramic coatings, protective coatings, and detailing. But another one of our specialties is our customization shop. We can customize your vehicle to properly represent you in a myriad of ways. One of the customizations we offer...

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LED Light Installation in Denver, NC

If you are searching for LED light installers in Denver, North Carolina then you need to not look any further than NVUS Detailing of Denver, NC. Our detail and customs shop has years of experience in installing LED grille lights, LED back-up lights, and just about any...

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Ceramic Coating on Chevrolet Corvette in Denver, NC

The owner of this Chevrolet Corvette wanted a wax that would protect his investment as well as help to sustain the showroom shine for years to come. What he needed wasn't a wax at all. In order to get a protection on the level of what he wanted for such an exquisite...

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Stock Radio Installation in Charlotte, NC

Do you have a classic, all-original car that has been kept up to stock but need another radio put in? Well here at NVUS we can help you! Not only can we detail your classic, trailer queen but we can also make her sound as original as possible! We installed a retro...

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Protective Coating for Steps in Mooresville, NC

Protect the walkways and stairways of your home against the elements with our Scorpion Protective Coatings service. We can spray a protective coating on your steps that will last a lifetime and will stay looking good no matter what mother nature throws at it. This is...

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Are you in need of quality cleaning for your vehicle? Your car’s exterior and interior should be professionally detailed on a monthly basis at the very least. We have a variety of options to make this possible.

Are you wanting more than just a clean? Our coating service includes spray lining, paint correction and much more that is meant to protect and restore the luster of your vehicle’s exterior.

The Envy Of Other Shops

NVUS Detailing is the envy of other detailing shops because our company is a family. We are family owned and all of our employees are treated as family as well. The reason this is important is because is makes every member of our team know that they have value which in turn makes the take much more pride in their work. This pride translates to quality service on your vehicle every single time it is in our shop.

Here at NVUS we really do treat your vehicle as if it belonged to us. We take great pride in doing work that will inspire others to take just as much pride in what they do. This is why we fully put our hearts into the job we do for you.

We offer complete detail service to clean and maintain the health of your vehicle. We also offer coating services that will protect your vehicle or restore it.

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