Clear Car Bra In Action with Ceramic Coating

The front of a vehicle is always subject to damage from lots of different sources and is usually the first place that begins to wear down.  Ceramic coatings are one way to protect and avoid the common damage. With the Pearl Nano Ceramic Coating applied to your vehicle it acts just like a car bra, protecting your vehicle from damage. Not only does it protect but it also gives your vehicle a great look.

Schedule an appointment with our team to get the Pearl Nano system applied to your car, truck, boat, RV, SUV, etc. Or just contact us for more information on this great product.

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Are you in need of quality cleaning for your vehicle? Your car’s exterior and interior should be professionally detailed on a monthly basis at the very least. We have a variety of options to make this possible.

Are you wanting more than just a clean? Our coating service includes spray lining, paint correction and much more that is meant to protect and restore the luster of your vehicle’s exterior.

The Envy Of Other Shops

NVUS Detailing is the envy of other detailing shops because our company is a family. We are family owned and all of our employees are treated as family as well. The reason this is important is because is makes every member of our team know that they have value which in turn makes the take much more pride in their work. This pride translates to quality service on your vehicle every single time it is in our shop.

Here at NVUS we really do treat your vehicle as if it belonged to us. We take great pride in doing work that will inspire others to take just as much pride in what they do. This is why we fully put our hearts into the job we do for you.

We offer complete detail service to clean and maintain the health of your vehicle. We also offer coating services that will protect your vehicle or restore it.

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